Link Removal

We have been recieving several link removal request from webmasters and website owners.

Here is what you can do to remove your links

If you want your article to be deleted you can login using your username and password at the time of registration process.

If you forgot your username or password you can use this link to retreive your login information

It is your resposibility to keep your login details safe

If you want us to remove the links manually then you have to request us for a manual link removal service and it costs $100 for removing links for one site(one domain any no. of links).

Why do we charge a fee for link removal?

Due to the huge volume of articles on our site it takes plenty of resources to remove the links manually and inturn it requires manpower.

What payment method do we use for link removal service ?

-You can get more details about payment option by sending us an email at " linkremoval(at) "